Pope Joan enjoys a tipple and likes nothing more than throwing one down with friends. Our drinks celebrate what the seasons deliver; hot apple cider in May, a mulled wine with brandy in July, Spring Vienna Excelsior beer in October and perhaps a watermelon and cucumber spritzer come December, thirsty yet?

During the daytime, sip away on a St. Ali brew, Vic market juice or a cheeky cocktail! Our chai is by Calmer Sutra, and the hot chocolate is made by us. For something cool, we have a selection of locally-sourced soft drinks, as well as biodynamic juices on rotation. There’s always a seasonal brew on the go, such as our Winter Warmer of honey, ginger and lemon, or maybe you feel like a liquid breakfast – Bloody Mary – the breakfast of (hungover) champions.

Night time is the right time to treat yo self with a snifter and you can do just that when we return with our nightimes for our Summer Camp Cookouts in November.




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