Valentine’s Day Menu

Posted On:6th February, 2017

Dine from our a la cart menu below or let Matt do the choosing for you for $65 per person. 


Rosemary & potato sourdough, pickles, avocado, butter dip $15

Plate of cured meats $14

Turkey dimmies, sweet chilli sauce $4ea

Zucchini fritter, cream cheese, salmon caviar  $4ea

Ceviche of kingfish, finger lime & muntries $12



Fig, macadamia & ricotta $10

Tomatoes, basil & green olive tapenade $10

Roasted red pepper & eggplant $10


From the drum

From the water – squid, harissa, chickpeas $22

Mussels, smoked tomato romesco, chips $24

Rare seared Spanish mackerel, ajo blanco, zucchini $26

Grilled chorizo, garlicky potatoes $18

Half jerk chicken over coals, grilled pineapple $27



Chocolate tart, vanilla ice cream $14

Pieces of cheese, stuff $14

Salted caramel macaron  $3ea


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